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Star Wars Identities - Yoda
Star Wars Identities - Anakin
Star Wars Identities - Trooper
Star Wars Identities
Star Wars Identities - Yoda
Star Wars Identities - les Vaisseaux
Star Wars Identities - Anakin Podracer

Star Wars Identities

This exhibition event is soon to take Lyon by storm, with its vessels invading La Sucrière from the 9th November 2014 to the 19th April 2015.

Be prepared for the event! 
Following its success in Paris, the  Star Wars Identities  exhibition will be stopping over in Lyon prior to pursuing its journey in neighbouring European countries. This is your last opportunity to see it in France!

Whether you're a fan of the Star Wars world or simply curious, the unusual format of this exhibition means it has something for everyone. This is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of the film thanks to the 200 costumes, drawings and models in the exhibit. If you've always dreamt of shaking hands with R2D2, seeing just how tall Chewbacca really is or admiring the model of the Millennium Falcon (without Harrison Ford, sorry ladies!) then teleport yourself to  la Sucrière .

This former sugar warehouse situated in the new district known as  la Confluence  is ideal for this event. Located between the Rhône and the Saône, this industrial building will witness a battle of wills, as the light side vies with the dark side of the force.

Star Wars Identities is more than just an exhibition, it is a real role-playing game that enables you to create your own character. You can choose to be a Wookiee, Twi’lek or Ewok (remember those adorable furry creatures in Return of the Jedi?) and develop your character's personality thanks to the life choices you make. Would you rather be a Jedi knight or a bounty hunter? Will you be able to resist the lure of the dark side of the force?

Are you ready to take up the challenge and set out in search of your galactic alter ego?

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