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CHRD - affiche (HP)
CHRD - affiche

The CHRD - The Resistance and Deportation History Centre

A place of memory...

Our historical knowledge of the Second World War has improved considerably over recent years, giving the museum an opportunity to update the visual experience it brings its visitors.

To mark it, this must-visit museum has a major surprise up its sleeve for you: everything has been totally redesigned and restructured from top to bottom, to present Lyon's role as the capital of the Resistance movement to best effect.

We're sure you'll agree, the result is a great success.

Highly informative, with plenty to discover, the new layout of the permanent exhibition will help you to experience all the atmosphere of those troubled times. Numerous exhibits from the collection are finally being taken out of the drawers and put on show for all to admire, with an example being Jean Moulin's parachute.

The exhibits include faithfully reproduced wartime scenes in special areas such as the 1940s apartment or the print workshop, revealing underground life in Lyon during the Second World War.

The museum is finally ready for your visit. Why not drop in!

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Lyon City Card Admission to the Resistance and Deportation History Centre is free with the Lyon City Card.

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