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Tout l'Monde Dehors ! Bal devant l'Hôtel de Ville
Tout l'Monde Dehors ! Visuel 2013
Tout l'Monde Dehors !

Everyone... Let's Go Out!

From 21st June to 2nd September 2017, we're celebrating summer in Lyon! 

Every year, summer in Lyon is a lot of fun!

With 300 free open-air events, you have no excuse to sit in front of the telly!

So, get up and have some fun ‘cause we’re going out!

We’re going to dance Tango, Salsa and Flamenco in the city squares! Imagine gyrating to the sound of African drums or dancing traditional dances from Brittany.

Imagine singing, listening and playing music or even listening to wonderful stories while sitting on the grass!

We’re going to play, work-out, get moving and party in a different place every day! Some events are held on the riverfront, others on terraces and courtyards or in the heart of a particular quarter.

Enjoy some outdoors films  in its original version, or perhaps some circus acts, theatre or storytelling ... have you ever done a “storytelling walk?"

In Lyon, we love the summer and all the festive surprises which spring up in the city squares, gardens and streets. There will be special moments to share every day. Discover young aspiring artists or other festive events to share with family and friends along with other visitors.

You'll love the entertainment and enjoying the long sunny days which lasts late into the night.
That’s summer in Lyon. So, quick: Everyone, let's go out!

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