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Fête des Lumières 2016
Fête des Lumières - Place des Terreaux
Fête des Lumières - Atrium de l'Hôtel de Ville
Fête des Lumières - Place des Terreaux
Lumignons de la Fête des lumières
Fête des Lumières - Cathédrale Saint-Jean
Fête des Lumières - Théâtre des Célestins
Fête des Lumières, Place des Terreaux
Fête des Lumières - Place des Terreaux

Lyon Festival of Lights

7-10 December 2017, in Lyon, from 8 pm to midnight.

4 nights of utter enchantment

The Festival of Lights is one of Lyon's most famous Festivals to date. It broadcasts Lyon's heritage and creates an immense buzz throughout the city.

The Festival is spread over 4 days of pure magic. The city definitely lives up to its title as the city of lights and will not disappoint.

The Festival is innovative, intriguing and startling, and best of all free of charge.

The programme promises 4 nights of enchantment, each night brings a different theme, color scheme and vibe.

Designers from all over the world partake in the wonderful event. Video, Music and Sound effects are used to accompany the vibrant images dotted around the city.

The exceptional spectacle showcases the centre of the city at its best and incorporates buildings, rivers and places into the show. 

The best spectacle is located in the city centre.

This year, (soon available...)

Check out the details of the programme and get practical info on what to expect on

New illuminations, luminous objects, monumental projections and immersive projects. Here are just a few of the projects to be discovered (soon available)

If you are still not convinced, what better to do then to experience the mayhem yourself, Lyon awaits your visit.

You can plan your stay to suit your tastes and preferences, to ensure that your visit to Lyon is a success. You'll find well-situated accommodation to help you get the most from your evenings and plenty of ideas for visits , cruises and leisure activities to occupy your days at our booking centre.


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