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Festival les Nuits Sonores

The 11th Nuits Sonores Indie & Electronic Music Festival

Soak up the "electrifying" musical atmosphere in Lyon from May 13-17, 2015

Les Nuits Sonores is a huge Indie and electronic music festival which brings together DJs from France and the world over in Lyon, for an event now spanning 6 days and 6 nights around the Ascension Day public holiday.

This leading French festival for independent and electronic culture has now become a showcase European event.

Lyon will be pulsating to electronic music in unusual venues and in the streets, both by night and by day.

A festival dedicated to sharing, to bringing people together and to helping them discover and celebrate new music, this event is proud to cultivate a spirit of urban fun and good humour with musical aperitifs, musical siestas, an electronic music trail to discover emerging regional and international artists, the Nuits Sonores Village, free events and/or events suitable for the whole family including the Mini Sonores Festival for the kids. All organised in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Each Nuits Sonores festival brings something new. Discover new venues, new artists, superb visual digital creative work and meet some great people! The festival's three core values never change however: a passion for electronic music and culture, an open mind and artistic innovation.

Some of the artists expected to appear at this 13th event: … to name but a few! (soon)

Lyon loves electronic music, dancing and festivities…

The 2015 Nuits Sonores will be longer than previous events, much to the delight of the townsfolk and visitors…   
If you love electronic music, you'll lov e Lyon!

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