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17e Biennale de la Danse de Lyon - 2016
Défilé de la Biennale de la Danse de Lyon

The International Dance Biennial of Lyon

On even-numbered years in September and October, this international event takes over Lyon’s halls and squares for 3 weeks of dancing, with enough colour and energy to knock you for six!

This Biennial event brings together over 750 artists from some twenty countries, performing in many locations throughout Lyon, and takes place every two years, just after the summer holidays, in September and October.

Each edition has a different theme, which sets the pace and determines the type of shows and dancers.

Yet there are no biases, and all types of dancing are given the place of honour in shows: contemporary, classical, jazz, urban and flamenco.

For over a month, the whole of Lyon is up and dancing: flash mobs, dancing lessons in town squares, open-air shows, and a highlight event in the form of a great parade.

This Biennial event celebrates creativity in all its forms, young talents or stars of dance, in an enthusiastic and festive spirit that shoots through the city like a spark set to a trail of gunpowder!

Lyon loves dancing, and the feeling is mutual!


In 2018, the highlights of the 18th edition...

From 14th to 30th of September 2018

A Parade for Peace! That’s the theme of the parade on Sunday 16th of September 2018, 

A variety of events are open to you: free dance lessons, children’s dance offs, photo competitions, choreographed dances, meetings with dancers and workshops…the ideas abound!

The programme is not yet available. Please come back soon to know more...

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