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Affiche de la Biennale d'art contemporain 1995
Biennale de Lyon d'art contemporain
Ange Leccia Arrangement (400 globes terrestres), 1990 Biennale de Lyon 1991, photo Jean-Baptiste Rodde
© Erick Beltran

The Lyon Biennial Contemporary Art Festival

From mid-September to late December in years ending in odd numbers at the Sucrière, the MAC, the Fondation Bullukian and in other new or unusual locations...

... The biennial festival looks forward to welcoming you over the winter.

The Lyon Biennial has emerged as a "must see" event on the contemporary art scene.

Three months to explore the exhibition sites...
Three months to get a feel for the theme, to try and understand it or rather to experience it…

Each biennial is completely new and different, with a new theme and a new organiser, presenting sculptures, paintings, videos, photos or visual displays from some 70 international artists.

The exhibitions are accompanied by a number of discovery trails, tours and other features enabling visitors of all kinds to discover, to appreciate (or otherwise) and understand the exhibits.

Numerous events are being organised around the Biennial Festival with Veduta, Résonance and Le Docks Art Fair in which art galleries and public or private venues all join forces to ensure that this event is a major celebration of contemporary art, including exhibitions and concerts, etc.

Come along and laugh, cry, get annoyed, and prepare to be moved and to have your curiosity aroused in the presence of these remarkable works.

That's how it is with contemporary art.

Don't miss this legendary event.

The LyonCitycard provides free admission to the four biennial sites

Further information on the BAC website:

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