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Watching You, Taroe
Watching You, Matthieu
Watching You, Stew BD

Watching You

Street Art

From 11th November to 30th January 2018 at the Museum of Sacred Art, Fourvière

When Street Art invades an ancient chapel on Lyon’s hill that prays (Fourvière), the outcome results in a joyous mix of genres, and within both camps can be witnessed a wondrous opening of the mind and spirit. A delight for young and old.

Before the major renovation works on the Fourvière site begin in a few short weeks, the Museum of Sacred Art (Musée d’art sacré de Fourvière) has had the brilliant idea of offering up its walls to a collective group put together by Birdy Kids, involving 18 internationally recognised graffiti artists, sculptors and photographers!

Each artist has been allowed to let his or her imagination run wild, reinterpreting the spaces in their own way. What has resulted is an exhibition full of colour and originality, resonating with the personalities of Brusk, Grems, Kalouf and others.

A showcase of artists, energy and expressions, inspired by the intense spirituality imparted by such a unique site.

An ephemeral artistic offering … be sure to check it out before it disappears!

The 18 artists include: Brusk, Mr. Pee, Birdy Kids, Grems ; Rauky, Taroe, Black Messenger, Opera, Agrume, Monsieur Zero, Maxime Ivanez, Ema, P.Reichsrath, Mathieu Dagorne, Stew, Kalouf, Nicolas Foray et Yandy

Access to the museum and its exhibitions is included in the Lyon City Card.

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Lyon City Card Access to the museum and its exhibitions is included in the Lyon City Card.