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Caelyn Knight, danseuse étoile au Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon
Opéra de Lyon
Skater sur le parvis de l'Opéra

A lively place in Lyon

Caelyn Knight, Ballet dancer

Caelyn Knight, Ballet dancer at the Opéra de Lyon.

"Over and above its extremely diverse repertoire and superb architecture, I feel that one of this opera's greatest strengths is its openness to the rest of the city".

Could you introduce us to the Opéra de Lyon?

In all, we're a team of around 30 dancers of 16 different nationalities at the Opéra de Lyon. The dancers have classical training although our troupe is a contemporary one. We are fortunate in that we get to perform an extremely varied repertoire, managed by very different choreographers. This is what makes both our troupe but also our performance programme so rich and varied.

What makes the Opéra de Lyon so unique?

Apart from its extremely diverse repertoire and its magnificent architecture, I feel that the great strength of this opera is its openness to the rest of the city. The Jazz Aperitif events and the presence of hip-hop dancers on the peristyle clearly show that many of Lyon's inhabitants have adopted the Opera as part of day-to-day life in the city. What's more, hip-hop groups are scheduled to appear at the Opera and this is something very rare and special!

What's your favourite place in Lyon?

Since I arrived fromSouth Africa around 10 years ago, I've spent some amazing moments in the rehearsal studio and I think this must be my favourite place in Lyon!  This room with its bay windows under the Opera roof offers a superb view across Lyon and I'm very lucky to be able to spend eight hours a day here! The first time I rehearsed in the studio I was so moved by the incredible view that I had trouble concentrating.



Crédits photos : © Stofleth, © Jean-Pierre Maurin

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