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Olivier Delalande
Vignoble Beaujolais
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Le Beaujolais, an outstanding wine producing area just a stone's throw from Lyon

Olivier Delalande, organiser of wine tourism tours

Olivier Delalande manages the company Kanpai, organisers of wine tourism tours

The Beaujolais area boasts outstanding landscapes. This is a traditional wine producing area whose inhabitants are keen to share their love of fine wine.

Why visit the Beaujolais Region?

The Beaujolais region boasts some amazing landscapes including huge tracts of vineyards and attractive villages crafted from golden stone. Above all, this is an excellent wine producing region whose inhabitants are keen to share their love of fine wine. All of these aspects are of interest to me as a wine tourism guide. The beauty of the vineyards, the skill of the winegrowers and above all a friendly welcome mean that visitors can enjoy a moment of fun and friendship while sharing a bottle of good wine!

What are the distinctive characteristics of Beaujolais wine?

This is the ultimate wine for social gatherings! Produced using the light and fruity Gamay grape variety, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif among friends. This is a lively, festive wine and easy to drink. Additionally, it is also known for the annual event now associated with its release to the general public: the Beaujolais nouveau. The third Thursday in November, everyone likes to gather at midnight to enjoy the new vintage, whether in the wine producers' wine cellars, under a marquee or in any café in France.

Which Beaujolais winegrowers are especially worth a visit?

I would particularly recommend five winegrowers: the Fond-Vieille estate in Oingt of course but also the Les  Averlys estate in Lacenas, the Bois du Jour estate in Cogny, the hillside estate of Chessy in Chessy and the Thierry Berchoux estate in Ternand. I would also advise tourists to explore the vineyards by stopping off at some of the region's finest villages including: Charnay, Theizé, Oingt, Cogny, Bagnol. Enjoy a welcome change of scenery, just half an hour from Lyon!






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