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Dominique Delorme, Directeur des Nuits de Fourvière
Les Nuits de Fourvière

At the crossroads of Performing Arts

1 June - 31 July

Dominique Delorme, Director of the Nuits de Fourvière (Fourvière Nights).


The artists that I invite have an objective that involves artistic content which is essential today.

They are artists who are truly at the peak in their field; which is performing arts.

How did the Nuits de Fourvière begin?

First of all, the festival didn’t have that name in the beginning. More than 60 years ago, on  29th June 1946, the Semaine Artistique de Lyon was created.
Following the discovery of the ruins of the Gallo-Roman amphitheatres in the 1920s, that dated from the first century on the site of Fourvière hill, the mayor at the time immediately had the idea of restoring the theatres and offering an artistic summer programme.
The first amphitheatre or the "Grand Théâtre", seats between 3,500 and 4,500 people, while the smaller Odeon has seating for around 1,200 spectators. These two amphitheatres are located side by side and that originally these two theatres were much larger and had seating for 4,000 to 11,000 spectators.


The view of Lyon is breathtaking…

These theatres are on a hillside which is almost at the summit of Fourvière hill that is not far from the basilica. They have wonderful panoramic views over the entire city of Lyon. In good weather you can even see the French Alps at a distance!

What about the multifaceted nature of the festival?

This is one of the special features of the festival that dates back to its beginning and is one of the festival’s strong points which we still rely on today. The Nuits de Fourvière is at the crossroads of all performing arts which includes; theatre, dance, music and circus arts. It’s something that deeply affects the artists we invite, as they always pay very close attention to what’s happening on the other stages.

The artists I invite have aims and artistic content that are essential to our times, artists who are at the very peak of their art.
We can bid farewell to Nuits de Fourvière productions which is going on tour and that I am particularly fond of!

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