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Thierry Frémaux, directeur du festival Lumière
Les frères Lumière
Cinématographe Lumière
Les frères Lumière ©

Spotlight on cinema and films of yesteryear

October 2017

Around 155 films are shown in 60 venues, to some 152,000 spectators.

Can you tell us about the Lumière Festival?

This festival has been celebrating the history of cinema since 2009, right in the heart of the neighbourhood where the 7th art was invented. For more than a week in October, we present forgotten and restored films, as well as organising meetings with film makers and actors from yesterday and today. Around 155 films are shown in 60 venues, to some 152,000 spectators.


What are some of the highlights of this festival?

Bestowing the Lumière award is certainly one of the highlights of the festival. This award recognises an actor or filmmakers for their overall work in cinematography, as well as its association with cinema of the past. Former recipients, Clint Eastwood, Milos Forman and Gérard Depardieu have all come and revealed their passion for cinema.
All the film projections are moving, especially during the applause because the audience is particularly enthusiastic! When Lyon residents admit that they rarely go to the cinema but wouldn’t dream of missing the festival, it feels like a real compliment.

How are local residents involved in the organisation of this event?

They are at the heart of the festival, since it’s organised by volunteers! This local involvement is the hallmark of the event, since the goal of the festival is to celebrate Lyon’s long association with cinema. The memory of this association had begun to die out before the 1980s, but today the people of Lyon are proud of their cinematographic past. Indeed, observers are often struck to the extent by which the soul of the city contributes to the success of this event.

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