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Lyon, the perfect city for a night out

Pascal Tassy & Thierry Laon

Pascal Tassy, Director of the UCPA School for DJs and Thierry Lahon, secretary of the Hotel Professions and Industries Union, tell us about Lyon by Night and the wealth of nightlife the city offers.
 A rapid tour of Lyon’s 100% party neighbourhoods!

What’s special about the nightlife in Lyon?

Pascal Tassy, Director of the UCPA School for DJs: Central Lyon has a large number of nightspots, which is quite unusual. The city centre is relatively small in size, so if you set off on a Vélov bicycle you can have a whole range of interesting experiences in the space of a single night out.

Lyon’s nightspots are following French trends in terms of the nightlife evolution, and this means the proliferation of hybrid venues, where you can enjoy a drink, have dinner and then dance the night away.

What are the different neighbourhoods like in terms of nightlife?

Thierry Lahon, secretary of the Hotel Professions and Industries Union 69: Like all provincial cities, Lyon is a city of different circuits, with nightlife areas and circuits for teens, for those in their thirties, forties, and fifties… The underground and gay venues are located on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse. The more chic nightspots are mostly found in the Brotteaux neighbourhood. The nightspots around the banks of the Rhône and Saône rivers attract a more diverse and relaxed clientele. Personally, I love hotel bars where you can meet tourists and enjoy some really exceptional settings: they often offer extraordinary views of our wonderful city.

What addresses would you recommend?

Thierry Lahon: For fans of electro, the Ambassade in Cordeliers should give them what they’re looking for. For the stylish thirtysomethings, the F&K in Brotteaux is an interesting address, with its more upmarket clientele. The Loft in Jean Macé is the perfect choice for students. The Ayers Rock Boat offers a great summer atmosphere on the banks of the Rhône. At the Ninkasi in Gerland you can spend the entire evening, from aperitif to a concert or clubbing, and including your meal. But I would recommend any night visitors to the city to simply explore the slopes of the Croix-Rousse; for me it’s the soul of Lyon, a neighbourhood that holds some real surprises.

Photo Credits:  Brice Robert <a href=""></a> / Jacques Leone
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