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Philippe Lechat, chef étoilé
Façade - Halles Paul Bocuse

There's no secret about it…; great ingredients produce great dishes

Philippe Lechat, a Chef

Philippe Lechat, a Chef, tells us about Les Halles Paul Bocuse

Could you tell us a little about the history of Les Halles?

Les Halles de Lyon (Lyon's covered markets) have been in existence since 1970. They were previously located in the district of Les Cordeliers. They were later moved here, in the sixth district. You can't miss them, three wide main aisles lead to numerous shops. Many of them are star-rated by the Michelin guide. The “Halles” is named after Paul Bocuse, a legendary figure on both the French and international cooking scene.


What can you find at Les Halles de Lyon?

You can find all kinds of merchants selling products for cooking. Bakers, caterers, butchers or fishmongers, all selling high-quality fresh products. It is an impressive local showcase which brings together the town's best merchants and products, of course! People come here to find top-quality meat, poultry or cheese. There's no secret about it…; great ingredients produce great dishes.


What makes Les Halles so special in your view?

More than 95% of the 59 shops are run by business owners. They know their products and can advise you on what to purchase. There is a high degree of contact between the merchants and their clients. First and foremost, these are local businesses. That is what customers like and it is what brings them here.

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