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Marcel Dulac, fleuriste au Marché Saint-Antoine
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Marché Saint-Antoine
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We can compete with any major supermarket with just a smile!

Michel Dulac, a florist

Michel Dulac, a florist, tells us more about the food market on Quai Saint-Antoine and Quai des Célestins

How is the Saint Antoine market organised?

It could best be described as an open-air market where you'll find lots of wonderful things to discover as we believe first and foremost in human contact. The market spans two quays: Quai Saint Antoine and Quai des Célestins. In all, each week some 130 traders set up their stalls here with their products.



What can be found on Saint Antoine market?

You can find some great pork and cattle producers as well as produce and other home-grown products here, including excellent pork butchers and cheese merchants who have been working here for a long time. These are some of the market's iconic figures. You'll find all regional products at very competitive prices. We can compete with any supermarket price with just a smile!


What makes the Saint Antoine market so special?

Overall, everything goes quite well between the merchants and the locals as the merchants are always a good source of advice, especially for the elderly. Indeed, many customers come to chat with us. It is a good source for the locals as we are there with them each day. It is in the centre of Lyon and it's the finest market in town!

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