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Amine Merad, ComhiC Segway Tours
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Amine Merad, ComhiC Segway Tours

Amine Merad, ComhiC Segway Tours
A new and instinctive way to embrace the city

Tell us about the different tours you offer?

We offer two different tours, one for beginners and one for the more advanced. The beginner tour takes you along the Presqu'île, the Berges du Rhône (Rhône Embankments) and the old town (Vieux Lyon). This particular tour is one hour long, the more advanced tour lasts two hours in total. And it takes you to one of our newest districts; it enables you to check out the more modern contemporary part of the city, while contemplating the river, admiring its churches and the famous new shopping centre.

Why is Segway a new and innovative way to discover the city?

Segway is definitely a new and innovative way to discover the Berges du Rhône or Confluence district as it is a speedy form of transport, reaching 20km per hour. It is faster than walking but much slower than a car. You have the impression that you are exploring the great outdoors. You can travel at your own pace and enjoy all what the city has to offer while soaking up the charm and enchantment of the city.

What will we discover and view from this tour?

On the one hour tour you will discover the riverside district known commonly as the Berges du Rhône. It is a district full of animation. It is an area you can walk, run, cycle or take a Segway tour. People come to relax and spend time with family and friends. There are many boat restaurants dotted along the river and it is a nice area to have a drink with friends. It is a meeting place, an area appreciated by locals and tourists alike. You will have a great view of the city and view some magnificent bridges and architecturally pleasing buildings. The district is central and close to Place Bellecour, which is the largest square in Lyon.

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