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Gilles Vesco, Adjoint au Maire de Lyon en charge des nouvelles mobilités urbaines
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Velo'v: take the time to experience Lyon's relaxed atmosphere

Gilles Vesco, Deputy Mayor of Lyon

Gilles Vesco, Deputy Mayor of Lyon oversees the New Urban Transport system and shows us the best way to discover Lyon

How long has Vélo'v been operating?

Lyon is the pioneer when it comes to public bicycle rental services. We introduced this system in 2005, before any of the other French cities. We were inspired by the trials carried out in Vienna in Austria and Oslo in Norway, and we adopted and adapted these for Lyon. Our network boasts twice as many bicycles as Oslo and twice as many pickup and drop-off points as Vienna, to ensure effective coverage of the region and make this a real local service. We also took the decision to use real, well-equipped bicycles with gears, high-quality braking systems and effective maintenance. Today, this has proven to be an enormous success with 4000 Vélo'v's currently in circulation in Lyon and Villeurbanne, and between 20,000-25,000 trips made each day.

So how does the system work?

It's a one-way process: the user picks up their bicycle at the nearest pickup point at their point of departure and drops it off at the bike station nearest their intended destination. The system is very practical because we have set up a large number of vélo'v pickup and drop-off points in Lyon. To use the service, you must have of an annual bike card which costs €15 or buy a day pass at a cost of €1 or a weekly pass at €3. In all cases, the first half-hour of your journey is free.

So why take the Vélo'v to explore the city?

Firstly, since this system was introduced, Lyon and the Greater Lyon area have created a network with a large amount of cycle lanes and cycle trails which makes it an enjoyable experience when criss-crossing the city by bike. The landscaping of the Rhône riverbanks and soon the Saône embankments have changed the face of the city and has increased the use of motor-less transport. What's more, we have doubled cycle traffic since the arrival of the Vélo'v  system despite the fact that Vélo'v bikes account for just a quarter of the traffic! 

Today, exploring Lyon by bicycle is an extremely pleasant experience. This is a modest sized city and exploring it by bike gives you a chance to see everything around you, taking the time to really experience Lyon's unique atmosphere and energy.


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Nils Bakke

16/04/2014 11:15

Where can I buy a Day-pass to rent a Velo'v bike?
Maj-Britt Vittrup Nielsen

26/05/2014 11:45

Great! And my boys are 10 and 13 years old - are there bikes for their age too?
Tony Callender

25/05/2016 14:34

Is there a written procedure for daily rental of a velo v?

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