Only Lyon - Tourism and Conventions

Everyone need his escape !

Every neighbourhood of Lyon has his own area to walk, bike, relax, read and chat !

By the rivers, the banks have become the lyonnais garden to spend some time, have a picnic, enjoy a drink and just relax by the water. The Park de la Tête d'Or is our own Central Park with the lake and the zoo to completely forget you are in the ceneter city.

But beyond that, many secret gardens are hidden all around the city ...waiting to be discovered !


Lyon – Capital of the Rose

For the past 150 years, Lyon has been cultivating the art of the rose by creating new, prestigious varieties. This year, the city welcomes renowned specialists and lovers of roses from around the world for their convention. An opportunity to celebrate the queen of flowers throughout the city.


Behind the scenes at Lyon Zoo

Located in the heart of Tête d’Or Park Lyon's zoo boasts some 65 species, half of which are close to extinction. Preparing food rations, scheduling the reproduction of rare species and welcoming newcomers: Xavier Vaillant takes us behind the scenes of this 8 hectare zoo. 


Reconquering the banks of the river Saone

The banks of the river Saone form a walkway punctuated with works of art that goes from Confluence to Rochetaillée-sur-Saône: a 15 km walk, both urban and pastoral, to rediscover the charms of the river banks.

The weather of Lyon

A general overview of the weather…


When to come to Lyon?

When is the best time to visit Lyon? The various seasons throughout the year can offer you a fine opportunity to discover Lyon and to return home with wonderful memories!

Parks and Nature

Lyon is full of beautiful scenery and is filled with parks and greens spaces that are loved by locals and tourists alike.


Lyon: the city of charm

Alexandre Jacques; Lyon City Greeter
You will experience a range of different emotions & feelings and the atmosphere while in Lyon.


Le parc de la Tête d'Or

Daniel Boulens, Parks & Gardens Manager for the City of Lyon.

The Tête d'Or Park is one of France's largest urban parks... This park is situated in the very heart of the city and the locals love coming here to relax and unwind.


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