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Eléonore Pourré, guide à l'Office du Tourisme du Grand Lyon

Fourvière hill, a view with over 2,000 years of history

Eléonore Delenne, tour guide

Eléonore Delenne is a tour guide at the Greater Lyon Tourist Information Centre

This incredible site is a perfect introduction to Lyon’s 2,000 year history with its Roman amphitheatre and the Fourvière basilica! It is a peaceful place to visit.

What can be found on the Fourvière hill?

At the top of the hill you will find the basilica and the statue of the Virgin Mary which overlooks the city of Lyon. And as you walk down Fouvière hill, on the one side you will find the Roman ruins of its amphitheatre and museum and on the other side there are the magnificent gardens overlooking Lyon. You shouldn’t miss the splendid viewpoints from the square next to the basilica and Lyon’s own "Eiffel Tower". This replica of the Parisian Eiffel Tower is a great source of pride for the inhabitants of Lyon, who like to remind visitors that their tower is in fact a few dozen metres higher than the Parisian tower due to its setting on the hill!

Why is the hill considered to be such an attractive tourist spot?

This incredible site is a perfect introduction to Lyon’s 2,000 year history! There is an archaeological site, which bears witness to the Gallo-Roman period. In front of the basilica you have a stunning panorama of Lyon’s entire urban evolution. Walking up the hill enables you to better understand the city and its layout. And last but not least, it’s an incredibly tranquil area.

What can people come and do on Fourvière hill?

Firstly, tourists can come and admire the view or visit the basilica as well as the archaeological site with its Gallo-Roman museum. Fouvière hill also a notable Christian pilgrimage site. Lastly, the local  inhabitants usually enjoy a stroll around the Rosaire and Hauteurs Gardens. Visitors feel an enormous sense of tranquility in these gardens as the city is laid out at their feet and they can hear its sounds, and yet they are distanced from it, surrounded by rose bushes. As you wander about, you can explore and discover the hill’s many hidden secrets.

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ann tipper

25/05/2016 14:36

looking for an hotel near the road monte St Batrthelemy 69005
my children will be in Fourviere to join in the Marist celebration 17th /24th July
please can you advise the best way from the airport and hotels

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