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Gérard Collomb
Le Cube orange à la Confluence
Hôtel de Ville - le Grand Salon
Hôtel de Ville - façade Place de la Comédie
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'The light is magical in Lyon'

Gérard Collomb, Senator and Mayor of Lyon

Gérard Collomb, Senator and Mayor of Lyon, shares some of his favourite spots and explains why he loves his city so much!

Which are the districts that you like to stroll around in Lyon?

Like the vast majority of Lyon residents, I’m particularly fond of our river. Lyon is a city of river banks. It’s also a city of bridges, boasting no less than forty-five, from the Pont de l'Université to the footbridges that cross the Saône. Thanks to these bridges you can visit Lyon whilst always staying close to the water. I am always spellbound by the banks of the Saône, which are wilder than those of the Rhône, and by its unique colour. I love the île Barbe, which remains a quiet and peaceful place to take a stroll. On Sundays, I like to walk in the new Confluence district, a unique 150-hectare site that will double the area of the Presqu'île. Lastly, the Antiquaille offers magnificent panoramic views over Lyon.



What are the distinctive features of Lyon that make it such a unique city?

The light is truly incredible in our city. When the sun shines, the sky is extraordinarily luminous, and the sun’s rays are reflected on the rooftops and the yellow and ochre tones of the houses. Our city, which in the past was described as black by the great writers of the day, is now bedecked in a bright range of hues, from the gray-white of the apartment buildings along the Rhône to the Italian colours of Saint-Jean and the Croix Rousse. I don’t think that many city dwellers get the chance to admire such a sight. Lyon is continually evolving, and now boasts a number of extremely contemporary buildings designed by some of Europe’s leading architects in the Confluence district. The Part-Dieu district is currently acquiring an elegant new skyline, but Lyon’s traditional identity remains strong, and the architects are successfully taking elements of Lyon’s unique identity in order to offer solutions today for the city of tomorrow – solutions that blend harmoniously with the city’s historic heritage. Also, the sunset on the Fourvière or the Croix-Rousse hills is breathtaking, while in the Confluence district it is simply astounding.

What are your top tips in terms of gastronomy?

As a first course, I am particularly fond of the pâté en croûte served by Viola, the official world champion producer of this traditional dish!
 I adore our chicken demi-deuil, or "chicken in half-mourning", which is always subtle and delicious.
 Regarding specific addresses, I like to stop off in Lyon’s traditional bouchon restaurants, but I also enjoy sampling the dishes of our great chefs, such as Mathieu Vianney at Mère Brazier. And when I really want to show the city off at its best, I take my guests to dine at Christian Têtedoie’s restaurant, where they can both eat and enjoy one of the very best views of Lyon, on the famous Antiquaille site.

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