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Sébastien Hernandez, restaurateur place des Terreaux
La Place des Terreaux
L'Hôtel de Ville de Lyon

Everyone heads here because this square has it all!

Sébastien Hernandez, a restaurant owner in Place des Terreaux

Sébastien Hernandez, a restaurant owner in Place des Terreaux, describes the changing nature of this square located downtown.

How would you describe the Place des Terreaux?

Originally, the square didn't have a very good reputation. Things have changed over the last few years though, as the city decided to attract more tourists. As a result, this square in the very heart of the city is kept under surveillance by the local police.

What do the Lyonnais generally do in the square?

Have fun! Thanks to its location, you'll find plenty of shops and restaurants here. There must be around a dozen of them around the square. You'll also find popular shopping streets such as Rue de la République, Rue Edouard Herriot, or Rue de Brest, which all begin in Place des Terreaux. Everyone comes here because it's got a lot, including major store chains and small shops. At midday, the staff from the local shops come here for lunch. And in the evenings, it's a completely different atmosphere as it's mostly young people who come here to have a good time.


In the square you'll also find the famous Bartholdi Fountain…

It was moved in 1992 when the square was completely redesigned. Whenever there's a major sporting event in Lyon, generally football matches, large crowds gather in the square. Usually the local sports team will make an appearance on the town hall balcony. In the evenings, if the local side has won, many of the city's residents have made a habit of jumping into the fountain, which has become a tradition….

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