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Valérie Heitz, amoureuse de Lyon et City Greeter
Place des Célestins
Parking des Célestins

Place des Célestins (Célestins Square) a haven in the heart of the city

Valérie Heitz, 6th of June, 2011

This is a place emblematic of Cultural life in Lyon, it is also a haven of peace in the midst of bustling axes, between Bellecour and Place des Jacobins



What do you like in particular about the Place des Célestins?

The square is particularly emblematic of Lyon's cultural life as it's home to one ofLyon's finest theatres, an Italian style theatre which encapsulates 200 years of history of the dramatic arts. It's also a real haven of peace nestling between some extremely busy streets, between Bellecour and the Place des Jacobins. People like to come here to sit down for a few minutes and recharge their batteries. Personally, I love the square in springtime, when the magnolia is blooming. The atmosphere is enchanting!

Which are your favourite places around the square?

Close to the square, along the banks of the river Saône, I enjoy having a drink on the terraces of the Saint Antoine, admiring the view across Old Lyon. Just alongside the banks, I also visit the Arbre à Thé in Rue Petit David. Finally I enjoy discovering the latest offerings from the Ebullition, a highly original restaurant situated next to the city hall in Rue Lanterne.

Why do you love Lyon?

I fell in love with this city when I arrived here a few years ago. It's extremely rich and diverse with a distinctive history and exciting traditions. I also find it very welcoming, friendly and surprising. After all these years I'm still discovering new places even today! I have become a “city greeter” as this gives me a chance to share my love forLyonand its attractions with the tourists.

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