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Domitille Durrenberger, personal shoppeuse, gérante de la société Un Instant de Ville
Shopping au Carré d'Or

Lyon’s Carré d'or (Golden Square)

Domitille Durrenberger, Personal shopper

The Golden Square is a shopping area in Lyon that features luxury boutiques, trendy shops and artisan crafts.

What can you find at the Carré d'or?

The Carré d'or is located between Bellecour square and Cordeliers, and offers a wide range of high quality shopping boutiques, including luxury brands, multi-brand stores, as well as many smaller personalised boutiques. It’s the perfect spot for a day of window shopping in Lyon!


What are the must-visit streets in the area?

Once you’ve visited the areas’ main shopping thoroughfares, particularly rue de la République , I recommend three extremely interesting shopping streets: rue Gasparin, rue Emile Zola and rue Confort. In rue Emile Zola and rue Gasparin, you’ll find inevitable brand stores including Sandro, Maje, and Les Petites, as well as a host of interesting multi-brand shops. Rue Confort offers a range of personalised boutiques, in particular the Village Market, which stocks a wide choice of clothing, accessories and designer objects. 

Why is Lyon such a good city for shopping?

Lyon has managed to retain a shopping experience on a friendly and human scale. This is immediately noticeable in the city centre shopping area. Lyon offers a large pedestrian shopping area. In addition, the shopkeepers themselves are more than willing to chat and share their extensive knowledge with visitors. Furthermore, Lyon still has a thriving artisan craft tradition which offers a range of products of exceptionally high quality. This includes the highly recommended Atelier de Soierie (silk workshop) where you’ll find yards of traditional Lyonnais silk. I also strongly recommend a visit to Elsa, my favourite millinery boutique. Her small boutique is tucked away in rue Palais Grillet where she can create a perfect custom-made hat! 

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