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Marianne Czarniak-Duflot, commissaire d'exposition au Marché de la Création
Le Marché de la Création

A truly unique market

Marianne Czarniak-Duflot, curator

Marianne Czarniak-Duflot describes this market on the quay of the Saône river.

What is unique about the Marché de la Création?

The market was established in 1979. It has been in existence for 37 years, it is the only art market of its type held on a weekly basis. It is also a very unique art market in Europe due to its size and number of exhibitors. For this reason we are very proud.

What can you find?

It is a market where there are 126 registered artists from 80 nations, others are pending and there are always lots of people. Here you can find everything including art accessible to all and that's for me the most important thing. Here, it is just the same as if you were buying your fruit and vegetables at the Saint Antoine open-air market, except that you will find paintings, sculptures and other art designs that you may not find elsewhere.

Where is the market situated?

The market is at the heart of the most beautiful district of Lyon, in Vieux Lyon. We are on the waterfront next to the Saône river. It is close to two markets, the Saint Antoine open-air market and the market for booksellers . Every Sunday, you will find many people on the riverbanks on the prowl for good deals.

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