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Parc de Saône - Parc de la Confluence

Parc de Saône Parc de la Confluence © ParcSaone©Depaule-Asylum
The docks of river Saône are transformed gradually into wide promenade for pedestrians and cycles, spine of a branched park that irrigates the entire neighborhood. The park includes 13 acres of ponds and more than 3,000 trees of local species.
Explore the water gardens, open water channels, different garden areas and quadrats; the landscaped streets create a network of blue and green, much appreciated by residents and walkers. While the Saône is some way from the riverside road, the water gardens and open water channels integrate water into the environment. The open water channels also enable the collection of rainwater, as the landscape architects wished to avoid the need for artificial irrigation. Saône Park will be completed in stages. Eventually it will cover more than 14 hectares.

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