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Museums are living spaces of discovery and a sharing of culture to its preservation. Museums stimulate change from the past and are accessible and responsive to diverse audiences.

They showcase a range of different activities such as; tours, workshops, lectures, story-telling and other art forms such as performing arts.

Audio guides, tours or internactive mobile applications allow you to immerce yourself in the treasures of each individual museum.

From the Gallo Roman Civilisation, to the history of the silk and textile museums, there is something for everyone. You can choose from the famous Guignol puppet museum, or the Lumière museum dedicated to cinema or the Natural History museum. When you visit these museums, you are sure in for a treat! 

Birthplace of the Cure of Ars

Jean-Marie Vianney was born here on May 8th, 1786 and stayed until the age of 20. He was then promoted to parish priest in Ars-en-Dombes in February 1818. Property of one of his great-grandnephews, the period furniture and fittings (18th century)...
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The Hameau Duboeuf

The first oenology park in the Beaujolais. Wine-lovers, history enthusiasts or garden lovers...treat yourself to the generous and varied nature of this really exceptional property.
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Institut d'Art Contemporain - IAC

The Institute of Contemporary Art creates and conducts research into contemporary art, organises exhibitions and events and puts together internationally-renowned collections of works, in a gallery renovated for every show.
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In two rooms of the Fort de Bron, aviation and Bron aerodrome history enthusiasts have created a collection of a significant amount of iconographical documents as well as items such as propellers, aircraft instruments and even landing gears.
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Antiquaille - Cultural Center of Christianity in Lyon

This new cultural space dedicated to the history and the birth of Christianity in Gaul also has what is believed to be the prison of Saint Pothin. It stands on the site of the old hospital Antiquaille.
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Aquarium de Lyon
The Aquarium of Lyon

Lyon is only a short distance from the ocean as the crow flies, or rather as the fish swims. Discover fish from the world, from the rivers of Europe to the Indian Ocean, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from African lakes.
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La Maison des Canuts

La Maison des Canuts opens the doors of its workshop to the public. Brocade, velvet or figured silk... The secrets of these exceptional silks will be revealed as the techniques used are demonstrated on a Jacquard weaving loom.
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Maison Hosotte

The Maison Hosotte, run by the Amis du Vieux Grigny, exhibits collections of ancient items that form the history of the town in this restored former pastry store: earthenware, hats, old photos, etc.
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