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Traboule Passage Thiaffait

Traboule Passage Thiaffait ©
Traboule located inside the "Village des Créateurs" (Designer' Village)
This traboule was originally inside the house of Francois-Felix Thiaffait (early 19th century). Today, it is a small street, lined of shops, grouped under the name "Village des Créateurs" (Designers' Village). Before its renovation (between 1997 and 2001), the passage was best known for beeing a real dangerous area where there was a lot of trafic of all kinds. The entrance is "rue René Leynaud" and the exit, via a few steps, in the "rue Burdeau".

Contact details

19 rue René Leynaud 30 rue Burdeau 69001 Lyon 1er

Opening times

Throughout the year : open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM.


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