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Lyon is so diverse when it comes to events. It 's a city that never sleeps. From theater showings to concerts, operas to the famous Maison de la Dance and its many festivals.

The choices are endless, attracting people of all ages annually whether attending an event or visiting an exposition. 

Lyon's cultural side is rich with large cultural art institutions that work together with smaller organisations to innovate, create and build links between other art forms in video, music, theatre, dance and the visual arts. 

There are art fairs, exhibitions, art shows and more. Why not get involved and make your experience unforgettable!

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    Salon CE - Comité d'Entreprise

    Salon régional des comités d'entreprises et des collectivités.
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    Les Mardis découverte

    Tous les mardis soirs, depuis 17 ans maintenant, nous auditionnons les spectacles qui seront peut-être programmés demain.
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    Happiness Juice

    L'afterwork idéal pour siroter de délicieux cocktails entres amis autour d'une musique chic et festive orchestrée par deux artistes Lyonnais. Rien de mieux qu'une petite pause fruitée après une dure journée pour venir vous détendre!
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    Visite-apéro du Vieux-Lyon

    Un voyage dans le temps en pleine renaissance pendant les grandes foires de Lyon. Laissez votre cheval à l’écurie et suivez le guide !
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    In the House of Wonders

    This exhibition invites the public to discover the essence of a cabinet of curiosities and to understand the intimate significance of the act of collecting.
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    The Treasures of Émile Guimet

    The Musée des Confluences pays tribute to its founder and charts his journey to Japan, a significant milestone in the creation of the museum of religions that he founded in Lyon in 1879, then later in Paris.
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    Visites guidées de l'église Saint Paul

    Built in 549 AD on the remains of a temple of Diana, it was entirely destroyed by the Saracens. Rebuilt from 1084 to 1106, it was finished in the 13th c. and renovated in the 18th c. in the Romano-Gothic style.
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    Visites guidées de l'église Saint Bonaventure

    Built in 1220, renovated from 1325-1331, it reached its current size at the end of the 15th c. Used to store grain between the Revolution and 1803. It has one of the most beautiful organs in Lyon and 4 tapestries by Aubusson on the life of the saint.
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