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In Lyon, good food is essential. Therefore you will not be surprised by the number of stores related to gastronomy in the city.

Be it sweets, spices or cheeses, you will be delighted by the scents, textures and flavours of all the delightful produce.

Chocolats Voisin : le Coussin de Lyon Cake shop Chocolats Voisin

One of Lyon’s leading chocolate makers since 1897, our range of high quality artisanal chocolates is made from selected raw materials. Creator of Lyon’s leading confectionery speciality: "Le Coussin de Lyon".

Cake shop Chocolats Voisin
Violette et Berlingot Chocolate & sweet shop Violette et Berlingot

This traditional confectioner helps you to discover the delicious confectionery products of France including: Violette from Toulouse, Berlingots from Nantes, Guérande salted butter toffee, Bergamotes from Nancy, calissons from Aix and Coussins, etc.

Chocolate & sweet shop Violette et Berlingot
Bahadourian Caterer / delicatessan Bahadourian

Since 1929, the Maison Bahadourian has invited customers in to discover a multitude of fragrances: spices, herbs, seasoning, condiments, coffees, teas and pastries. A true journey to the Arabian Nights.

Caterer / delicatessan Bahadourian
Palomas - Palets chocolat ambiance Délicia Chocolate & sweet shop Palomas

Palomas has been an expert chocolate and confectionery maker since 1917 in Lyon - Bellecour. We propose our chocolate and confectionery specialities unique of their kind in France including: Délicias, Amandes de Bellecour and Palets de Fourvière.

Chocolate & sweet shop Palomas
Charcuterie Sibilia Delicatessen Charcuterie Sibilia

Delicatessen specialising in typically Lyonnais products including: saveloy, quenelles, pork slicing sausage and chitterling sausage...

Delicatessen Charcuterie Sibilia
Saint Jean Délices Chocolate & sweet shop Saint Jean Délices

Traditional Lyonnais specialities on sale including: coussins, cocons, quenelles, pavés du Vieux-Lyon, rochettes, sugared almonds, etc., in addition to those of the other French regions.

Chocolate & sweet shop Saint Jean Délices
La Vieille Conserverie Food shop La Vieille Conserverie

La Vieille Conserverie is a specialist in gourmet tinned foods. Discover a wealth of highly original gourmet dishes including specialities from Lyon, the south-west and Brittany, etc.

Food shop La Vieille Conserverie
Chocolate & sweet shop Fleurs thés en chocolat

A store-cum-cocoa bar-cum-tea room off the beaten track: from cocoa flowers to chocolate flowers… in all shapes and sizes.

Chocolate & sweet shop Fleurs thés en chocolat
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