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What they thought

They tested, what did they think?

The Lyon City Card is a product that all visitors must have in their  pocket when visiting Lyon. Many have already tested this product and most have wanted to give you their opinion. 98%  have recommended using the Lyon City Card ... are you

Recommended by Mike, 29/03/2012
 The Lyon City card (available from the Tourist Info Office – who are very helpful) is a must. It not only entitles you to free public transport (bus, tram and metro) all of which are very efficient and easy to use, but also permits free river cruises (just show your card at the cruise ticket office by the footbridge passarelle du Palais de Justice - there are 2 tours to choose from), free walking tours (book these at the Tourist Office in advance), and free entry to many, many museums and other events or buildings of interest. It also gives you discounts around the city, including the Tour de Lyon open topped bus. Enjoy!

"Very practical,very good, !"
Recommended by Flo de Lille, 14 mars. 12
It was great being able to walk around Lyon, taking the bus, tram, metro, funicular according to our desires. WE were able to visit any museum we wanted without constraint and take guided tours.If you are told this museum or tour is not included under in the Lyon City Card, you can call the Tourism Office for confirmation.

"très pratique, très bon rapport..."
Recommended by , 13/02/12

Very practical,good quality/price,

Great Value
Recommended by Diana from Houston, Texas, 13/02/12
I enjoyed using the card to access several museums. I did not, however, have confidence to take advantage of using the public transportation part of the card. I did not do enough research to know what bus or tram to use to make getting around easier. The maps were there but it wasn't quite clear enough for me. Perhaps with another day and a couple of tries, I might have had good luck at that too.
Thanks you for making the history and culture of Lyon available!

"Very convenient..."
Recommended by , 10/02/12
Very practical card and handy to use around the city, includes public transport, however the card is valid for 48 hours but the use of public transport is only for 2 days, it was not made clear.

"The pass was very easy, enjoyable and unique."
Recommended by Benoit FREDERICH, 07 janv. 12
To be taken without hesitation

"Too bad the pass only..."
Recommended by, 05 janv. 12
Too bad the pass only entitles one entry by Museum...its a shame because sometimes we would like to go back and re visit some museums, however it is not included in the package.

"very interesting card that allows..."
Recommended by christiane carpinetty, 04/01/12
Very interesting card that allows you to use all the public transport, entry to museums and guided tours.Très bon plan

Very good deal

Recommended by rccj33, 17/11/2011 10:39 With the city card, you have access to all transportation and a number of interesting museums, visits etc. ... This is a really good way to visit Lyon


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